Tips and Tricks

Food Substitutions and Options

  • When mayonnaise is required, I use Dukes. It is sold at Amazon and, if you haven’t tried it you are missing out. I make my own sometimes too which is fantastic, you have to use a good mayo..
  • Pie crusts – the store-bought crusts are almost as good as the ones you make yourselves. Happy to give you a recipe if you wish.
  • Pesto – Store bought isn’t that bad especially if you get a good one; stop by Bari and buy one there or make your own. I can give you a recipe.
  • Jalapeno – the heat is in the seeds and “ribs”. Clean the out if you like no heat or add as much as you want if you really like heat.
  • Caesar Dressing – Making it is very simple and better than anything you can buy. Look for a blog on Caesar salad coming soon….
  • Added too much salt – add some form of vinegar (sherry, cider, champagne, white, etc.) to offset the flavor
  • Buying Fish – You can purchase just about anything from any supermarket but it is my recommendation that you purchase fish from select places, I purchase fish from Whole Foods or a proper fish market only; just be sure you know where it was sourced and how it is handled.

Misc. Kitchen Tips

  • Can’t get a pot clean – Put clean water in the pot and boil with Dawn (unless it is cast iron then use water only, this is how I clean my pan every time)
  • Gross Kitchen Sink – Barkeepers Friend! It speaks for itself. Good for scouring pots (if you wish to not boil water), gross cooked on food on the stove and oven, counter top “gook”, etc. I keep it on hand in liquid and powder version always.
  • Dishwasher Detergent – Don’t use the liquid if you can help it, it causes problems with the door where you place it, the pods are made for more modern dishwashers and the cost difference is negligible.

More to come, keep checking back if this interest you or please ask a question via this site or on FB or IG….t