My breakfast sandwich secret….

Those who know me at all, you know I cook breakfast for Chris every morning; sometimes he needs to run out the door. I try to make sure I don’t make his first meal of the day mundane so I like to shake it up and find different ways to prepare the things he loves. A breakfast sandwich is something he has found to be particularly enjoyable.

Okay so perfect is subjective but my idea of the perfect sandwich is bread, egg, protein and cheese but those are just my preference; the perfect sandwich is a concept. The bread and protein options are almost endless but it is how you make the sandwich that is the key, the actual construction if it.

First, toasting the bread is a must so get that out of the way while you prepare the rest; just make sure you don’t over-toast (the last thing you need is for that bread to break and send your goodness tumbling onto your lap).

The protein is important (and this can be meat or even vegetables, a combination of both) so for this example I will use sausage. Break the raw sausage up in the pan and cook until no longer pink and a little charred on the outside, set aside and move on to the eggs.

Do not scramble the eggs, I repeat, do not scramble the eggs. Who wants those little bits of egg falling out all over the place. Seriously, people who make these sandwiches for on-the-go and eat them in the car are waiting for a rat infestation under the seats. Just break the egg into a non-stick pan with a little butter and “break-up” the yolk so it disperses into the white of the egg and let it set making sure you guide the egg into a size similar to the bread you are using; you can do this by pushing the sides onto itself (for english muffins) or away from itself (for sourdough or bagels). Once set, turn over and push to the side of the skillet and grab the cheese.

Make a “nest” with the cheese directly on the surface of the skillet and place the sausage on top of the cheese; the cheese will melt and hug those delicious little nuggets and never let them go. As the egg finishes, the cheese caramelizes and the deliciousness is ready to come together. Place the egg on the bread and top with the cheese then wrap in foil.

The purpose of the foil for me is two-fold: it keeps it warm and it also steams the bread a little to give you that toasted crunch with a little tenderness on the outside. Texture is a huge part of an elevated eating experience. The foil isn’t necessary but it sure does take it to the next level for a home cook like me.


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